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Bone loss from an infection of the gums is perhaps the number one reason for tooth loss today. Advances in fluoride treatment have mostly eradicated tooth loss from cavities. Bacteria that grow in the mouth causes a reaction in the cells that grow bone. The result is a loss of bone that can eventually cause the tooth to loosen and finally fall out. It’s a lot like digging the dirt away from around the base of a tree. Soon the tree loosens and then falls over. We can monitor the height of the bone around your teeth and the condition of your gums and recommend the correct treatment. Treatment can range from routine cleanings all the way to gum surgery.

The goal is to keep bacteria off of the teeth to prevent gum disease. Tooth brushing, the use of dental floss, and twice yearly visit to the dental hygienist are often enough to prevent periodontal problems.

However, if you do have gum disease Dr. Goldberg can evaluate your condition and suggest the appropriate treatment such as scaling and root planning. SRP is a non-surgical approach to removing the debris that has accumulated on the teeth and infected the gums. Additionally, time release antibiotics, such as Arrestin can be incorporated into the treatment regimen.

If your periodontal condition is serious then surgery may be indicated. Dr. Goldberg holds a Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry. In order to have qualified for this high level of academic achievement, Dr. Goldberg was required to attend continuing education classes in periodontal surgery. He is qualified to perform some of the aspects of periodontal surgery such as flap and curettage, flap and osseous, and crown lengthening.